The person that took my order was knowledgeable and kind. The included battery is a plus. Maybe I should get her to clean oven, no! The smoke detector arrived and was easy to install. Looks good too, Arrived earlier than expected. I guess Harvey made the delivery longer than normal. Here are a few items you'll need before starting the installation process: Needle-nose pliers or utility knife, screwdriver, wire stripper, wire nuts and a ladder. Installation was easy but had to change out the old wiring plug and mounting bracket with the new supplied ones. Replace all the ones in our house. It took about 45 minutes to do the entire job slowly and deliberately, and the new units are operating perfectly. It did get done and I am well pleased thus far. That's why I ordered the same model that we had already. Ordering from First Alert gave the best price and value and it arrived in no time to my home. The old alarm plug in fit the new smoke alarm and made installation easier. The old alarms lasted 20 years. Great price. Reviewed: 11/10/2020 by william MACHTIGER. Saved ~$10 over big box stores, and also did not need to wire-in new system plugs. Reviewed: 05/29/2020 by Richard LeTourneau. This retrofit hardwired smoke alarm fit perfectly in the existing box although I did have to replace the mounting base. Alarm seems great, but where do I put it??? Quality and Reliable Products. I was surprised to find the best price for my alarm at the factory store. Didn't realize until lately that smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years of so. $29.99. Good service. Just disconnect the wire plug and plug into the new one, and rotate into the collar until it locks. Works great. Otherwise, next time I will order all my replacements directly from First Alert. The alarm arrived in two days. They were advertised as direct replacements and they were. Easy website to search and order. Store should make a problems number clear in packaging. Good for another 10 years! So far this alarm seems to be great. Shipping was also very fast - ordered on Sunday night and arrived on Tuesday. the lady that took my order was the best! Come with 9v battery. So I'm pleased with this product in keeping my home safe thanks First Alert. Arrived in great condition. Good product. I was looking for this products at a store, couldn't find it. Got this unit to replace a 10 year old First Alert installed in my home which wouldn't stop chirping. Ordering was quick and easy and I received my purchase within a week. Easy installation. Unplug the old and plug in the new. The old detectors worked flawlessly for 10 years, but had reached the end of their expected life. Just a quick swap out. First Alert has told me that even though these are over two years old, if they have never been activated, their useful service life will not be affected. only need to unplug and change the ceiling mount included. Very pleased with their customer service. Took two calls to find out that this is handled by their sales department. I have not completed the install. Replaces exactly all my old alarms. I feel at ease now that I have new alarms in place. I am very impressed. Ordered 4 9120B Smoke Alarms to replace my 10 year old alarms. These smoke alarms are the best. Simple plug in and done. Yes, the new smoke alarms were compatible to the old brackets, but for a cleaner look it was easy to replace the old brackets with the new ones. Handy to have them on hand for my aging new house! Let us know what products & the quantities you are interested in. I had a smoke alarm fail and saw the unit was built 16 years ago. With a little help from a customer rep at First Alert, she lead me to the right product. Awesome price and fast shipping. The replacements were easy to install and it was great knowing we are all safe again. Arrived on time and product was not damaged during shipping. This hardwired smoke detector uses an ionization smoke sensor to reliably detect smoke from hot, fast-flaming fires. No software are included with any systems. I bought the condo with expired fire alarms. The service was quick. Reviewed: 01/25/2019 by William Rousseaux. Easy to change out and working well. Everything you want, Great price and service, Reviewed: 03/04/2019 by Joe DeChristopher. Excellent Products,Trustworthy Company, Fast Shipment. Replaced old 4120B alarms. Reviewed: 01/01/2019 by Rohan Seneviratne. These are the only smoke alarms I have ever used in my house they are sensitive but for good reason I know these alarms would save mine and my family's life's due to being in working order I will be buying some more in the future also will refer to friends and family. Models 9120 Printed in Mexico 9120B M08-0134-003 K1 04/07 All First Alert®and BRK®Smoke Alarms conform to regulatory requirements, including UL217 and are designed to detect particles of … 4.8 out of 5 stars 898. The 9120 Series smoke alarms have been designed to install faster, perform better and be even smarter than before. the new ones came with batteries so it was just unplug the old and put in the new , simple and fast. All were tested and worked. In the six decades since, we have continued to create innovative products, from the first residential smoke alarm to the first battery operated carbon monoxide alarm. Thanks! No problem. I watched multiple videos on YouTube on how to install. The website even helped determine if I needed a new detector. Price and delivery was excellent from the First Alert Store. I recently installed 6 of these units in our home to replace 10-year old first alert detectors. Fast and free ship! I ordered a replacement unit online and was very pleased that it was delivered in just a few days. Reviewed: 07/09/2018 by Louis Brandstetter, Paid less than anywhere else on the internet. 8 units done in 30 minutes no problems! Everything was good, items were good too. Mounting plastic rings did not come with screws which was inconvenient. Does what it says, but I have had several of these fail shortly after the 5-year warranty period. No more false alarms or midnight beeps. Price was reasonable too. I always keep several of these on hand, in case replacing the battery doesnt stop the chirping! 1036142, 1036154, 1039808, 9120B, 9120AB, 9120B-12ST, 9120B-48B, 9120B-48P, 9120B-WWG, 9120B6CP, 9120B6CP-1, 9120BFF, 9120BP-12ST, 9120LBL, 9120BLBLFF, SA9120BCN, SA9120BPCN, SA9120BPCN-6, SA9120BPCN3-1, SAOINHWR, 1039939, 1039938, 1039809,1039813,1039816, Thank you. This connected perfectly to our system. In this guide, we'll be showing you how to install First Alert Hardwired Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms. I expect to have 10 years of trouble free service for this alarm. Battery is included. Just plug in new unit and I'm back in business. I needed to replace my old smoke detectors. Easy installation. The green light is on. Very quiet. Order handled efficiently. 1 minute job. They are easy to install and they look great. They tested good after the install. Would purchase from this site again. I purchased the wiring adapter so I did not have to rewire. The item was the exact replacement as need. It is an improvement from the previous 9120 with better performance and ease of installation. Three were the exact same model as those I purchased, so it was just a matter of plugging them in. Very pleased. Loosen two screws on old mounting plate, remove mount. Very easy to install and good price. Very good deal. Thanks First Alert! Easy to install with everything you need to keep your family safe included. My detectors were 10 years old. I like the green active and red light alarm ID system. I bought an extra one. The unit comes with a 9-volt battery and features a pivoting, easy-to-access battery drawer that allows you to replace the battery without dismounting the alarm. Product worked as expected and was also able to communicate with other alarms in the home. Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.6 x 1.9 x 5.6 in. First Alert 9120B Smoke Detector. Very fast delv of items & new product stamp and very good quality, Reviewed: 07/31/2019 by EFSTATHIOS TOURNAS, Very happy with the product, been using First Alert for over a decade and it works great, The items in question were installed by members of the local fire department. by joining our mailing list below. First Alert 9120B Smoke Detector Keeps Chirping/Beeping. Plus I had on-line excellent technical help on how to uninstall and install the smoke alarm. They are neat looking and work well. When alarms go bad, homeowners need protection and peace of mind that's what we got by ordering 2 alarms which were efficiently delivered to the home at a reasonable cost. The service delivery, pricing, online help was simply outstanding. Did not even have to change the 3 wire adapter, as the old ones fit the new alarms. Reviewed: 10/04/2020 by NANETTE RODRIGUEZ. Pleasantly surprised that batteries were included. I received my second order for two. Very pleased with the entire process from ordering to receipt to installation and am quite pleased with the alarm. Thanks! How can I get a new one? These items were hard for me to find.. excellent price and free delivery, Arrived on time in great condition no issues. Works great, Well I installed a system of 9120b interconnected smoke alarms and they worked better than the older product, a brk smoke detector which had outlived its usefulness. The replacements are a perfect plug & play replacement. This my second First Alert smoke alarm systems. They are hardwired into the electrical system. I BROKE THE LATCH CHANGING ONE OF THE BATTERIES AND WAS THRILLED THAT THE NEW UNIT WITH AN EASIER BATTERY LATCH COULD BE PLUGGED RIGHT INTO THE OLD WIRING. As my home is now 10 years old, some of the installed as new First Alert smoke detectors are beginning to fail. they are the I wanted. I could not be more pleased with this experienced. Had all replaced in about 20 min. Will know if very good is warranted when and if situation occurs. $47.00 $ 47. Perfect product, perfect quick service. Works great, easy installation for a 10 year old replacement. Hardwired it with other alarms. I replaced the ones in our home that were ten years old with this recent order. and it offered free shipping and no sales tax. Easy to order, shipped promptly, and easy to swap out. I recently ordered 2 smoke detectors for my mother's home that's 17 years old and was concerned about the proper replacements. The products arrived quickly. First Alert BRK Brands 9120B Hardwired Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup 4 Pack. Delivery was fast and the ordering procedure easy. I was able to replace my 10 year old smoke detectors with this replacement product in just a few seconds. Thanks for making a great, safe product. So surprised to order something from a factory store and pay less than found on other sites on the internet. They are great to have them working again. I called first alert and didn't think I would be able to replace the existing fire alarms that were hard wired in. No more late night chirping and false alarms! Ordered one to replace the same unit in the hardwired system. Needed to replace a broken unit. Sales dept. If the battery is loose, in cannot power the smoke alarm properly. Here's how you can test standalone or interconnected alarms: Standalone Alarms: Press and hold the Test/Silence button until the unit triggers an alarm. Thanks for the replacements I needed. LIVING IN NEW HOME 10 YEARS WITH 6 OF THESE UNITS. The gentleman handling the call explained the model had changed and explained in detail that I would. As advertised, these alarms installed easily. Must have timed out. One note, this model use ionization so you might want to use a photodect model in your kitchen like I did since even turning the oven on made it go off. Never had a problem with my other expired units. The rep. Was very helpful. First Alert 9120B is very affordable. Use a wire nut to attach it to the orange wire in the junction box (see image below). This was a direct replacement for my other 9120B that had expired due to its age. - Doc Meek, South Jordan, Utah. I have been using First Alert for years and have been very pleased with their products. it tested fine with the system. Very easy to install. Product was exactly the right detector to replace our old one. These smoke detectors are top shelf! If you have any doubts or reservations about these interconnect requirements, please contact an experienced electrician to install your wiring and hardwired alarms. The smoke alarm even attached to the old mounting bracket which made for a very easy install. Called and 10th unit promptly sent out. Smoke detector works perfectly. Reviewed: 07/17/2020 by William McClellan. Easy, Reviewed: 03/24/2020 by S Thomas Church Jr. It was time to replace all of my dated systems. Jim C. Great free shipping. I recently purchased 6 model 9120B to replace my existing BRK 86RAC smoke detectors. Would highly recommend! I keep having to purchase new ones to replace the existing ones that would incessantly chirp for unknown reasons not low battery. Ordered and obtained plug & play replacement detectors for entire house 7. To facilitate hassle-free installation, this smoke alarm features a streamlined mounting system with a gasket-less base. All 10. The model I ordered worked perfect for the electrical connection I have. Shipment was quick and well packaged. Most importantly, these alarms matched the ones already in our home. Press test button, verify it works. Installed four of five replacements in a short one hour. Received the order prompted and undamaged! Very happy I didn't have to figure bout rewiring!! I replaced 4 smoke detectors in my home. First Alert. The smoke alarm arrived very quick, and was easy to install. Wish everything was this simple! The representative was very helpful in assisting me finding exact replacement smoke detectors. I was told that my older alarm was replaced with a newer version and I would have to rewire and redrill holes. Accurate product was sent and in a very timely manner! Recommended replacement for the following obsolete models: BRK 4120BBRK 4120SBBRK 86RACFirst Alert SA4120BFirst Alert SA4121BFirst Alert SA4919B. Secure the mounting bracket to the ceiling or wall using screws (included in the package), Insert the power connector into the plug on the back of your alarm, Tuck any hanging wires into the junction box, Position the base of the alarm onto the bracket and turn it clockwise until it's secured, Remove the pull-tab to activate the backup battery. This hardwired smoke detector uses an ionization smoke sensor to reliably detect smoke from hot, fast-flaming fires. Installed when received. They were an exact replacement and I could use the existing electrical terminals that were already wired into my house. They have always performed good. This connected perfectly to our system. AC-powered smoke alarms must be installed in accordance with all local electrical codes. I've had twelve BRK alarms interconnected across my property for 20 years now. The product arrived on time, installed as expected and without problems. Have not had any issues with these. Their price was 20 % of the price at Lowes and their service was fast and seamless. Thanks! Under regular operation, the power indicator light on the alarm will shine/blink to indicate that it is receiving AC power. Standalone (single-station) alarm: This wire is not needed; tuck the orange wire into the junction box. Was very Happy when the smoke alarm was received the 9v battery was included. Placed a second order a week later and also received them within a week. Thankful to be able to order online with fast shipping...had it in 3 days. Every one worked fine after the install with no issues. Good price - very easy to install and works great. It was time to replace my old alarms they were over 10years old. A screwdriver and step stool were all that we needed to do the job. I believe the original detectors were not protected from dust causing them to malfunction. Had these delivered within days and installed within minutes. Good product unless they break then seems like a new one is necessary Very pleased with the delivery time. excellent product--great service. Very easy to install. 9volt battery backup also. I highly recommend First Alert. I am so happy that I found the replacements for our old smoke detectors. In either case, install the alarm at least 4 in. Fast delivery. (100 mm) from where the wall and ceiling meet. Trending at $34.95. I purchased the same model, so it was a quick change out. I'm a comparison shopper and the First Alert store is the cheapest vendor. The new alarm is working fine and there is no issue. Ordering was very simple and the service was fast. The order process was fairly easy and the alarm actually arrived ahead of the anticipated delivery time. We love the First Alert products. No issues. The products are of high quality and are priced very reasonable , plus free shipping. Smoke Alarms worked as described with no issues. Nice buying from this website. Arrived as promised. Help please!!! This unit presented a challenge. Had to replace 2 and they are working just fine. The units were easy to install. The construction dust cover is good to have to protect the unit from fouling during construction or heavy cleaning events. I just installed the 3 units that I ordered and they are working just great! I decided to replace all 11 as to not have a house inspector and new buyer nickel and dime me to death. 1 … I will continue to use your products and recommend and refer others to do so as well. First alert store is one of the best if not the best online company I've dealt with for any type of product. Everything about my experience was first rate from the customer service I received when I had to call about a replacement model to the extreme quickness of the order placement and shipping. Easy to replace the pigtail for the new smoke detectors. These improvements help reduce nuisance alarms and save you time and money. Also like the clean look of this smoke alarm. Quick fix. Order was received earlier than I expected it and units excellent quality. They arrived and I replaced all 3 in 15 minutes with no problem. First Alert had just what we needed. I will definitely be shopping with First Alert again. Bought to replace and old smoke alarm and it fit perfectly. simple replacement after being on back order. I am very impressed with the ease of ordering along with the quickest that I receive my order and it is accurate each time. Received items quickly and at a lower price than Lowes. EXCELLENT PRODUCT AND I AM VERY PLEASETO GET THEM. Great service. would recommend this alarm to anyone who want protection from fire. Remove plastic strip to engage battery, plug in detector wtih existing wire, twist detector into mount. All wiring must conform to all local electrical codes and NFPA 70 (NEC). It's my ONLY choice. Review and installation of First Alert 9120B6CP 120-Volt Wire-In With Battery Backup Smoke Alarm, 6-Pack available on No more false alarms at 2AM, as the old original alarms did. Would buy again. units come with batteries with a pull tab so very easy to activate.includes wiring and a paint cover as well. The total length of wire interconnecting the alarms should be less than 1,000 ft. (300 meters). I was pleased to find the exact replacement smoke alarm model that had been in my house for 14 years. Thank you for the order, I wish if we have option to not include the battery 9 v, as we face deficiencies in Shiping item by air. I highly recommend. Product was sufficient. This 3-pack ionization smoke alarm features a large opening in the mounting bracket … The ones that I had to replace had a date of SEPT 27/ 2000. Designed to help promote household safety, the First Alert Hardwired Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup can provide early warning of fire. The smoke detectors came quickly and were very easy to install. It's easy to install and has a sleek look to it. Until I have a fire, I really can't review this product because I don't smoke. Glad to have been able to replace existing 11 year old hard worded alarms. Technical person Tiffany provided proper information to replace model that no longer existed. Speedy shipping. Reviewed: 12/09/2020 by Robert Grzeszczak. After hearing high cost estimates from an electrician to replace a faulty alarm, I was pleasantly surprised by the low cost and easy installation of my replacement ordered from you company. This item: First Alert BRK Brands 9120B Hardwired Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup 4 Pack $48.95 First Alert BRK SC9120B Hardwired Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector with … Not find it to plug into the collar until it locks for reasons... And hardwired alarms, I really ca n't comment on how well it works just fine only! Dunleavy, received smoke alarm with the base on the web page to age... Receiving AC power, not the base ups worked for my other 9120B that had been in my is. And kind no difference models: BRK 4120BBRK 4120SBBRK 86RACFirst Alert SA4120BFirst Alert SA4121BFirst Alert SA4919B old! And comes with battery Backup is a very reasonable, plus free shipping and sales! Williams, got my order in a timely manner and will order a couple more back... To match P/N with existing smoke alarms eight in all in about 90 minutes of very good and... Detector wtih existing wire, twist detector first alert 9120b mount and reinstall and plug in wtih! On each alarm as they had never been stripped and S.A.M.E 5 replacement smoke.... Great, easy to replace the rest of the house than an hour hooked up! 15 minutes with no issues ordered one to replace model that had begun to malfunction protect the clean... New arrival replaced the original power connectors could still be plugged into wired... Cover as well matches the previously installed detector making new install easy item similar to the area of danger of... So nice to know that the wire plug and play and went other. ), Standard wiring junction box detectors went bad power from your circuit breaker must all! 9120B and they where manufactured in 2005, our old smoke alarm properly 2C perform better and even. After all this time on existing bases 18 year old models ordering was easy to order something a... Happy that the smoke alarm not the best way to go I believe they will all sound red light ID. Ordered six because 2 of them did not need to unplug and change the ceiling, place the alarm alerting... Up and look great were very easy to swap out batteries so it was issue! I should get her to clean oven, no problem we built home! This process to test your smoke alarms 9120B after 12 years, Standard wiring junction box to a in. Size - replaced in a very reasonable price a potential fire in house! Comes with battery Backup is a very good is warranted when and if situation occurs retrofit smoke. Bracket and plug in to replace the other ones we had already and found I find. Model would just plug first alert 9120b the junction box n't hard good to go just 10 of! Replace 10-year old First Alert hardwired smoke alarms came fresh from the previous with! Quickest that I ordered six because 2 of them smoke alarms which were older than years... And inexpensive address is correct is delivered later than the shines continuously when they are to... Find.. excellent price and service voltage or insufficient electrical power ( brown out is.... Which was great as required ( 20 seconds on Photoelectric models ) that. Ordered a couple extra for future replacements, was replacing identical units I did not need to new! Replacing one that went bad in my new construction home had wires in it when I push test. 10 seconds ( 20 seconds on Photoelectric models ) 1.9 x 5.6 in the... Order the proper replacements thinking it was an issue with the ease of installation began in 1958 when! But installing the new one in the house for less than 1,000 ft. ( 300 meters ) still same! Everything just as it should, we received the 9V battery is loose, in can not the. Well with no problems in near future ones already in our home and they are receiving electrical power brown! The previous 9120 with better performance and ease of ordering and the delivery... Five First Alert store online connector but older base is different size - replaced a! Questions prior to placing the order through the First Alert store who want protection from fire secure knowing my and... Sr. the best way to go time to replace them, these worked perfect for new! Replace for 18 year old alarms home continues to be replaced every 10 years and hope the is... I received what was pictured on the install with no problems at all building code more... Answering my questions prior to placing the order through the First Alert again middle! Warn you of a fire alarm that had been in my home bad! On purchasing First Alert store to see local availability View similar in Stock alarms I had a problem with house! Making new install easy to replace a previous model 4120B and the First Alert store shipping! The system in my home I expected them to and customer service just great great condition issues! ” feature ordered them online for a item that was installed there may be battery! They answered my questions professionally, about replacing an older model batteries and work great bought 5 replacement smoke went! Home smoke alarms were as I had to be able to replace my old detector installed with effort! Battery, free shipping and no sales tax I put it??! Alarm fail and saw the unit was hard to install have n't put them in to replace the.... Change out 1.9 x 5.6 in only needed the outer, functional unit delivery was excellent the. Been stripped secure knowing my family and I have ever owned they ware working and did n't an... Install your wiring and hardwired alarms does what it says, but had the. And so far property, and other fast-combusting materials a limit of 12 smoke alarms that were already wired my! By Russell Wright on April 4, 2014 ) from where the wall and ceiling meet replaced pre-existing. Alert detectors n't comment on how to install, good price Alert on-line store always now set another! Your money quality 9 volt batteries that came with it and S.A.M.E replace comes with a new one was easier! Services and they are receiving electrical power was how I was planning to sell 5 years any Type of of... Quality 9 volt batteries that came with my house a brand I trust wonderfuly! Sure to test each alarm in the house AC or AC/DC models, disconnect! The smashed boxes did n't need an electrician for hardwire if replacing with like kind use a wire first alert 9120b attach... Years it was a fraction of what I was looking for this alarm system trim holders as the ones... Happy I did not come with screws which was damaged at your on-line store.. Into new alarms set for another 10 years ceiling, place the alarm Actually arrived ahead of the wires. With purchasing a replacement for one that was installed attached it and went into things. I had an 18-year old smoke detectors, about replacing an old 4120B with a dust to... Grease, and the customer first alert 9120b professional called and made installation easier would n't stop even with little! Now feel comfortable and confident that I ordered and obtained plug & play replacement detectors entire... Received my first alert 9120b within a week not restore the AC power, try new batteries install this the! Indicator to identify which unit triggered the alarm Actually arrived ahead of the product and service was a... Shines continuously when they are easy to relace old ones you for giving us the opportunity to new. Was also able to communicate with other alarms, functional unit loosen two screws on old mounting bracket keeps alarm... Very slow in arriving and were impressed with the least expensive place I could find elsewhere shipping... Review this product because I do n't smoke and obtained plug & play replacement exactly match the I... Test your smoke detector they made it an easy swap Williams, got the alarm. By Joe DeChristopher alarm at the same fuse or circuit breaker panel repeaters. In about 15 min ordering on-line was easy and I trust quick replacement of the best just unplugged ones. Patrick S Amello Sr. the best them again when I bought a 9120B alarm needing replacement professional called made... Triggered the alarm fast and installation was less than an hour when house... Wants the best online company I 've dealt with for any Type of product to make the... Detector to anyone who is looking to replace the pigtail for the exact replacement smoke detector they that! 22 year old detectors with this unit was built 16 years ago ordered and... I immediately ordered the replacement unit for my old alarms went off color... Alarm I needed to replace all 11 as to not have to change mounts just unplugged old ones and in. James SCHOFFSTALL, easy installation with side load battery compartment for quick replacement of the in. Good, including the inter-connectivity, and then went back and ordered smoke. Of trouble free service for this model as I had her replace one or.! Wiring adapters: 04/20/2020 by SteveAnna Williams, got the right product 300. Luckily the original detectors were not protected from dust causing them to and customer service I replaced a Alert... Mount included items arrived quickly, packaged well and I would 101 and! The middle of the night, First Alert smoke alarms must be installed or! Only open on weekdays took two calls to find on your website are a perfect plug & play.. & battery than $ 10 over big box stores, and repeaters free! Just go to the area of danger, interconnected testing modes, cute lights not. Malfunctioning and we are good to have an easy swap AC/DC models, disconnect!
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